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Why Triol AK06 VSD is one of the most popular solutions for oil production


Variable speed drive Triol AK06 is a unique solution for controlling induction and PMM motors, as well as for regulating the electric submersible pump.


Triol AK06 VSD provides the reduction of harmonic distortions in the network, caused by the use of 6-12-18 pulse rectifiers. This VSD is equipped with an input bridge diode-thyristor rectifier (6 pulses). The output inverter is controlled by a high pulse width modulation (PWM), which together with the sine filter provides a high-quality voltage to the submersible motor.


This high-tech solution allows to fully use the power of generator for minimizing losses from the upper harmonics and reactive currents. Through the use of Triol AK06 VSD, it is possible to control electric motors according to predetermined algorithms, while minimizing the distortion of the supply network and ensuring minimum wear of the submersible equipment. We offer Triol AK06 VSD in versions NEMA3 / 4 / 4X, that is specially designed for work in complicated conditions. For example, due to the design, this VSD can be used in the desert, the tropics, on offshore platforms, etc.


This VSD has the following main features:

  1. Turn on / off the electric motors;
  2. Possibility of re-engaging the submersible motor after the protection has triggered and the automatic re-activation of the plunger pump for a given time;
  3. The ability to optimize the current when the specified speed of the motor;
  4. Controller UMKA-03, allowing to carry out both manual control of engine speed and remote control from the control panel;
  5. Resistance to high temperature conditions (up to + 60С / 140 F);
  6. High degree of resistance to network overvoltages.


Currently, Triol Corporation holds one of the leading positions in the artificial lift surface equipment market for oil production. We are trusted by the leading oil producing companies, as we implement high-tech solutions that meet all the needs of customers and contribute to their business multiplying.

Triol Corporation – optimality and reliability of your workflow in oil production!

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