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Daria Getsman

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We run Marathon: Kharkiv International Marathon 2017!


Triol Corporation greets May with “Kharkiv International Marathon 2017” race!

The competition was held on April 30 (Sunday) at the very centre of the largest city in Eastern part of Ukraine – Kharkiv. The event was aimed at promoting running in Ukraine, having gathered the best professional runners of Eastern Europe, enthusiasts and amateurs from all over the country.

“Kharkiv International Marathon” is an annual marathon which has been inscribed in the Ukrainian Book of Records as the most mass-scale race by the number of participants. The track of the marathon has been routed down central streets of Kharkiv and covered major sights of the city. The marathon has started and finished at the Freedom Square.

More than 10,000 people participated in “Kharkiv International Marathon 2017”. Athletes from 15 countries worldwide arrived in Kharkiv: from Germany, Poland, Great Britain, Israel, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Austria, USA, the Netherlands. Amateur and professional runners ran the distances of 2.61 miles, 6.21 miles and 26.1 miles, as well as baton (two laps of 13.05 miles). Each participant has worked wonders of toughness, courage and strength. All participants which had passed competitional distance of 26.1 miles, got souvenirs and their portion of positive.

On the distance of 26.1 miles, Triol Corporation has been represented by Yaroslav Voronkevich, a civil engineer of Medium-voltage frequency drives Department.

Yaroslav came in with a record-breaking time result of 2.48.41 and took the 4-th place!

Triol Corporation congratulates Yaroslav on his worthy victory!

May this victory not be the last one, may your pains and hard work unfailingly take you to winning places and well-deserved rewards! You inspire all of us to strong gains!

“Many thanks to Triol! Your support was up to snuff!” – Yaroslav wrote at his social network page after the marathon was over.

Many thanks to you, Yaroslav! All your colleagues, the entire Triol Corporation is proud of you! Well done!

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