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Voltage Compensator


As well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb

Do you suffer from the poor quality of power supply?
What is the backwash of such a “disaster”?

Let’s count them all:
1. Reduction of process safety
2. Production line halt or even the entire production halt
3. Enterprise spend standing
4. Increased spending on restart
5. Failure of the equipment
6. Errors into the process line
7. Underproduction

We know that if there is a problem, then there is a solution!
Triol Corporation presents the products that are created by our highly skilled professionals to minimize and eliminate the consequences of the poor quality of power supply – voltage compensator Triol KH24 and Triol KH24 +.

Application of Triol Voltage compensator allows you to reduce the financial and technological losses that may arise due to the low reliability of the power supply. It is designed to improve the quality of voltage supply of responsible consumers by eliminating surges and dips in the three-phase voltage curves.

Check out our joky video on the Project Engineer who shares basic information about Triol KH24 Line.

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