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Unique system for automation of the oil production industrial process (based on Triol ITA technology)


Triol ITA technology is a new innovative solution developed by Triol Corporation and the remote monitoring and device management is established on its basis. The technology combines software tools for collecting, processing and analysing information on the status and performance of remote mechanisms.

 The functionality of the monitoring system based on Triol ITA technology:

  1. Access rights differentiation by means of authorization in the WEB service;
  2. Displaying of the products list with reference to objects;
  3. Capability of online viewing and editing station parameters;
  4. Capability of remote start and shutdown of products;
  5. Monitoring of the main electrical and process parameters of the processing trains;
  6. Graphical output of the archive data on the selected electrical and process parameters. Overlay plot for possible comparison of parameters;
  7. Exporting data from the server to the local computer as a csv file provides the possibility of further viewing in Excel;
  8. Construction of user-specific summary tables both for objects and for the whole system;
  9. Alarm and pre-alarm signalling of parameter output over the set thresholds;
  10. Data mining of the object and products status in order to prevent malfunctions during industrial process.

 How does it work?

The software and hardware package works on 3 levels:

Top-level. WEB service with an self-explanatory user interface that allows you to monitor the actual system status, to control devices remotely and to generate reports and trends for selected parameters at the specified time interval.

Server. Both local and cloud server are available. It provides data exchange between routers and top-level applications, information accessibility control (differentiation of rights), collecting, storage and managing of information in the database.

Low-level. It is represented directly by the MT01 router, to which RS485 devices and remote I/O modules are connected. The transmission of collected information is carried out both wirelessly through GPRS/3G channel, and by a wire channel through the Ethernet port.

Triol Corporation Solutions are your first step to the industrial process automation!

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