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Triol VFD means reliability, power, comfort, efficiency!


In the modern industrial process, it is difficult to imagine usage of motor without any special device that allows you to adjust and control the speed factors. Variable Frequency Drive has become an indispensable device for the successful automation of a number of technical tasks that, formerly, required human presence. In addition, usage of Triol Variable Frequency Drive contributes to save energy and, as a consequence, reduces financial expenses.
Advantages of Triol Variable Frequency Drive:
1) load dropping through the use of the soft start;
2) speed control of the engine in a smooth step-by-step mode, without the prior shutdowns and without the occurrence of heavy loads;
3) the use of three-phase drives in single-phase conditions of the network, it makes Triol Variable Frequency Drive easy-to-use (output current less than the nominal 50% or more);
4) high efficiency as a result of operating modes, no need to use additional means of mechanical adjustment;
5) control of multiple electric motors.
Variable Frequency Drive of Triol Corporation is able to facilitate control of the electric drive in different industrial sectors: such as oil production, mining and chemical industries, transport, either housing and industry.
Triol Corporation means investment in quality, reliability and durability!
Nowadays, Triol Corporation is a fusion of experience and innovations, includes young and talented specialists as well as experienced managers, it is a mix of development, production, either secure deliveries and service support in different parts of the world!

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