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Triol Skid what`s that???


One of the main objectives of Triol Corporation is development of new smart solutions implemented into products, such as Triol Skid. Triol Skid is a new proposal that allows the Customer to install the necessary equipment at the site easily and in the shortest time!
The equipment itself is a modular design that makes moving and setting Skid on drilling sites absolutely possible, as well as, at remote sites in different climatic conditions. What is more this modification reduces the installation costs.
Designs available for your business:

– Base with the distribution of places for the installation of equipment;
– Base with a roof;
– With a grid on the perimeter, with a simple or heat – insulation wall.

Quite recently, we have realized a project for one of the Regular Customers – the development and delivery of Skid (modular building). The building included all the life support systems: fire alarm, heating, lighting, ventilation, everything is set to work with a frequency drive Triol AT27 block box series.
Also, we offer automated control and data acquisition. It’s real! Check out remote monitoring Triol iDrive system. Its mission-essential task is to minimize maintenance costs and to analyze the data collected from the object in any place without reference to the object.

The following equipment can be installed on a single platform:
– Control station;
– The frequency drive;
– Raising and lowering transformers;
– Remote monitoring system Triol IDrive;
– Switchgear and other equipment on request.

Triol Skid Construction simplifies transportation, reduces the complex product connections and settings. Thus, you get a set of equipment that is easy to transport, install, configure and manage.

Triol Corporation is not just about the business, it is about creativity and fulfillment, and when the challenges are tough, the need to step outside ourselves is difficult and sometimes overwhelming.

Triol Corporation is passionate about effective solutions!

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