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Triol Robot Diaries: The first steps in creating robotics


Dear friends, partners and customers!

Today we’ll share with you the main achievements in the development of a unique anthropomorphic robot in the “Triol Robot Diaries” and we’ll also tell you about our first steps in creating robotics! You will learn about the design of the robot, its control system, as well as about algorithms and software.

Let us remind you that the social robot Triol RT01 is the inside development of Triol Corporation. Its future functionality is to help a human in various fields of activity, social communicating with people. The main law of robotics is taken into account when creating Triol robot RT01, human safety is in the first place.

Triol robot RT01 will be equipped with the following systems:

  1. 25 degrees of freedom without taking into account the wrists;
  2. 7 wrist drives, providing grip control;
  3. Set of feedback, position and acceleration sensors;
  4. Video cameras, space scanning systems and microphones provide the robot with information about the surrounding world;
  5. Control system using 2 powerful single-board computers for controlling the robot hierarchically;
  6. An interference-free channel that minimizes the impact of interference and provides the exchange of information flows between 40 devices;
  7. 50 sensors and control of 25 actuators, which enable the collection and processing of data in a real time.

From the next “Triol Robot Diaries” edition you will learn about other solved problems while creating Triol robot RT01 as well as our fresh developments. Follow the news!

Triol Corporation makes one more step in creating new and promising solution!

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