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Triol Linear electric submersible pump system


Don’t have hours to spare searching for some fruitful information? We decided to transform complex information into graphics that are both easy to grasp and visually appealing.
Today we want to share some indisputable facts about Triol Linear electric submersible pump system or as we call it – Triol LESP System. So what is it?





Triol Linear electric submersible pump is an innovative product that combines the advantages of the traditional oil production methods. It solves the difficulties of the production of thin and bad oil either low permeability oil. The pumps do not use any sucker rod thus eliminate the problems of the wear of tubing and sucker rod, eliminate the gas lock, decrease the sand plug, decrease the trips of the pump check, save the energy, decrease the cost of production, decrease the acreage of the well site. There are no rods going up and down, so it can operate on deviated and horizontal oil wells. Linear motor, as а part of the ESP with digital control has a wide range of adjustment of the axial force and the stroke steps per minute, it provides its wide application in crude oil production in the oil wells depth up to 2828 m (9278 ft). Downhole sensor, as a part of the ESP, provides an overheating protection and measures insulation resistance

Triol LESP is a unique solution for marginal oil wells, which constantly replaces the sucker rod pump, it`s obvious advantage is the simplicity of installation and maintenance.

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