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Triol invites you to the next webinar “Brand New Variable Speed Drive for PCP”


Triol always follows the trends of the Oil&Gas industry and we hope to meet the demands of our customers and clients-to-be.

That’s why each month we are holding such events as online webinars.  We already successfully held two webinars which brought us food for thought.

 After taking into account every comment and advise, on the basis of our client’s references, we are developing special Variable Speed Drive for you.

Our new webinar is called «Brand New Variable Speed Drive for PCP».

What is it? What does it mean? How does it work? And many other questions you can ask our leading specialist in the North and Latin America Region, the speaker of the upcoming webinar Amelin Artem.

              It’s going to be a huge step forward to the new level of equipment.

  Follow our news. More information about the webinar is coming very soon!

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