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Triol Innovative Solutions in the Segment of Solar Energy


Today, mankind is actively seeking new ways of obtaining energy, which contributes to the increased interest in the so-called “green” resources. Alternative energy is the most in demand because of the rapid rise in the price of coal, gas and oil. Sunlight, wind and water gradually make them worthy of competition. They are economical, environmentally friendly and, perhaps most importantly, inexhaustible. The most popular alternative resource today is solar energy. This fact is due to the fact that the sun’s energy reserves significantly exceed the needs of mankind. According to expert estimates, one of the country’s energy universities, solar energy reserves a year are about 100 trillion tons and human needs about 10 billion tons. It suggests that the inhabitants of the Earth have an inexhaustible alternative source of energy that can provide the planet with electricity for many years.

Triol Corporation has developed a frequency drive “Solar inverter”, designed to convert solar radiation into electrical energy of a three-phase network. This solution helps to reduce energy consumption, allowing you to significantly save on energy costs.

The frequency drive “Solar energy” is implemented in the block-box type execution. All components, namely the VFD, drives, output transformer and switching equipment are built into the block-box for installation under the open sky. The design of the box and the climate control system make it possible to operate it in the temperature range from + 45C to -45C.

The construction of the block-box has a frame-panel version. Note that the frame is made of a metal profile, and the walls and roof are made of panels of the “sandwich” type with a noncombustible material heater on a basalt basis. In winter, the block-box is maintained at a temperature of + 10C, but with maintenance, it is possible to increase it to + 18C. At the same time, the block-box is reliably protected from various natural phenomena (snow, dust, sand and gnus) due to the provision of an innovative cooling system having an isolated channel, due to which air from the environment does not enter the equipment. Also, the smooth functioning of this solution is facilitated by the presence of a drainage system that prevents precipitation and condensation. Since the block-box is operated under the open sky, Triol Corporation has taken care of the safety of the equipment, furnishing it with security and fire alarms.

Also, it’s worth noting that Triol solar inverter has a high reliability of operation, which is provided by:

  1. Applications of 2 MPPT channels, each of which operates on 3 inverters;
  2. Connections of each inverter through the output individual sine filter, fuses and contractor to LV to the individual three-phase winding of the output transformer;
  3. Availability of taps +/- 5% on the HV side (10 kV or 6 kV) of the output transformer;
  4. Applications in a solar inverter of serial cells of inverters produced by Triol;
  5. Application of input fuses on the VDC side, as well as output fuses with contractors on the VAC side of each inverter, which ensures the disconnection of faulty inverters in case of accidents and limiting the magnitude of emergency currents;
  6.  Perform a two-level  VFD solar inverter with feedbacks for current and voltage at each level.

These features of building the power section and the solar inverter power management system make it possible to generate power to the network at a level of at least 85% of the nominal value when one inverter is inducted for maintenance. In this case, two operating inverters partially compensate for the lack of power in one MPRT channel with an inverter outputted for maintenance. During development, we focused on reliability, redundancy of the power unit and ease of installation at the facility and commissioning. Thus, we received a power supply system with a six-fold redundancy of the inverter part and a block-box construction with a Plug & Play function.

The implementation of the complete Triol distribution and conversion system at the facility provides the user with a reliable and qualitative conversion of solar energy into electricity.

Triol Corporation – innovation, quality, high adaptability!

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