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Triol iDrive is a brand new solution to make your product automated!


Today Triol Corporation offers an automation solution to the Oil & Gas industry, as well as others, which allow the operator to monitor and manage geographically distributed objects in real time, they can monitor the health status of the physical infrastructure to help diagnose, notify and resolve problems before they become critical.

Remote Monitoring Service is an easy-to-use and secure service that guarantees notification of any issues that may become significant through a personal customer call.

Triol iDrive provides round the clock monitoring, analysis and management of wells and oil production processes. Triol iDrive collects information from connected digital devices using the Modbus RTU protocol, including VSD, and passes through communication channels via the mobile Internet on the server, which can be both local and cloud. Remote monitoring system allows you to set access levels for users. Employees with access key, have the ability to monitor the current situation on the facilities, to edit parameters and control objects.
We will ensure the proper contact has been made to explain and resolve the identified issues. 24×7 expert monitoring – Device experts provide 24-hour service, at any time you can contact Triol Corporation Support Centre for a piece of advice.

Our primary concern is to let you control your resources in a comfortable environment. So you get completely customized features:

– Collection and analysis of incoming information;
– A number of editing options;
– Management in general;
– Combination of the above listed items.

Application Triol iDrive for oil allows you to:

– Obtain information on the subject, including the identification of abnormal events and deviations from the normal operation of equipment, wherever there is access to the Internet;
– Generate summary information (reports and charts) in the bushes and fields;
– Control energy consumption;
– Travel service technician only when really necessary;
– Generate maps of distant objects, in accordance with the actual co-ordinates;
– Reduce human resource management and control equipment;
– Simplify the operator’s work.

You do not need to install special additional software tools at each individual device, just choose a comfortable browser and go it through. You can immediately get access to the data received from the equipment. This technology-driven and outcome oriented solution brings together the innovations and future from oil industry.

Triol iDrive – Your first step to automate the process!

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