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Daria Getsman

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Triol AT24 – user-friendly operation anywhere in the World!


Nowadays requirements for variable frequency drives become higher and higher. VFD should be energy-efficient, sustainable, easy to control and understandable during operational process. Triol AT24 VFD has these qualities. It will earn profit for your Company as well as favour you while operation.

Triol Corporation offer equipment, that can complete tasks in any weather conditions, while voltage fluctuation and electromagnetic disturbance. During equipment development we take care of equipment application flexibility. User-friendly control panel interface allows monitoring and controlling motor’s and pump’s operation algorithms. Graphic display in VFD Triol AT24 movable control panel is easy to use and it’s equipped with spot light. You can put it into control room if it’s needed, and the operator can control the equipment in comfortable conditions. That is why low voltage variable frequency drives Triol AT24 confidently enslave electrical equipment market.

We implemented a possibility to change interface language in the new version of the software 36.009 for variable frequency drives Triol AT24. Now display menu is not only in Russian and English, but also on Turkish. And we will not stop on these achievements! We have in plans to develop and realize the software in each and every language of countries, where Triol Corporation’s equipment successfully works. For us language barrier is not a difficulty, it’s just a motivation for self development!

Variable frequency drives Triol AT24 is a perfect solution, which can be used to control:

  • Pumps
  • Elevators and winches
  • Cranes and lifting machines
  • HVAC systems
  • Roll table, transfer track and escalator multiengine systems.

Variable frequency drive Triol AT24 – innovative solutions from team of professionals, which make profit for your business.

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