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The uniform from our Latin America partner Smart Process Group


Hello Readers,

Here is my brand-new short blog about the uniform from our Latin America partner Smart Process Group. New uniform looks great and ready to be presented to the oil companies as a result of the profitable partnership between Smart Process Group and Triol Corporation.

Currently we won couple of projects in Colombia and Ecuador and my colleague Artem Amelin is on his way to US for LESP to launch and then he will travel to Ecuador to run VSDs. We are excited to fill up the huge market with Triol equipment, as we are sure we will get the cake with such a strong partner.

For sure, Artem will post his blogs about first LESP startups in US and I am sure successful VSD starts in Ecuador and Colombia, sharing all LESP start data and reports. Wait a while and we will show you the pictures from VSDs launching in Ecuador with the customer official reference.

2017 will be the year of Triol Corporation – Smart Process Group warehouse opening at the market and some key exhibition combined participation. That will give us shorter delivery terms and put us closer to the customers – the main thing for business in the region.

I am glad to see this picture as Triol business growing up at the market, the next step is promotional and technical information in Spanish.
Will keep you updated.

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