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The latest business trip to US


Hello Dear Readers, let me share some results of my business trip with our deputy commercial director Polina Denisenko to US.

We came with the first test results of the Linear ESP system installed in Russia. During the next few weeks, our first systems will be installed in USA as well, so our goal was to make agreements with the oil operators and our partners at the market.

BTW one of the “secret” plans of Triol Corporation is office and warehouse opening in US, to be closer to the end users and to make the delivery time shorter. We will keep you updated about it.

Regarding the meetings, we were able to present Triol, LESP technology and VSDs to Exxon and Chevron, as to the biggest operators in US. Meetings passed off well, LESP technology and VSDs are interesting for them and for their innovation departments, so I am sure we will proceed soon.

This business was to make some 2016 cooperation finalization and plan sales and strategy for 2017.

Next trip will be in the Q1. And next blog will be after successful LESP starts in US.

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