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The choice of the optimal VFD for application in the sphere of housing and public utilities


The question of energy efficiency and energy saving is being broached more and more often. Nowadays, there is a mainstreaming implementation of energy-saving technologies in the sphere of housing and public utilities, as well as practically in all areas of industry. More than a half of all generated electricity is consumed by asynchronous electric motors. Most of the systems are built on the basis of such engines, so it becomes urgent to use energy saving methods aimed at increasing the efficiency of their operation.

One of the methods is the use of a frequency-controlled drive in which the motor “feeds” on the frequency drive. The frequency converter is installed between the mains and the motor. Its main method is smooth regulation of the frequency and amplitude of the supply voltage. At the same time, there is a power reduction in the consumption and performance of the electric motor when the operation at a full power is not required.

Frequency converters are often used in water and heat supply, ventilation, climate and refrigeration systems. In such systems, while maintaining the required parameter (air rate, pressure, etc.), the drive mechanism doesn’t need to be permanently operated at maximum capacity. (Latches, dampers, control valves, etc.), significantly reducing the efficiency of the system, as well as leading to faster equipment outage. However, until recently, frequency converters haven’t been used in systems with low-power engines. At the moment, many organisations involved in the design and operation of such systems, understand the need for the use of converter technology due to significant savings on electricity.

In view of the latest trends, Triol Corporation has developed Triol AT24 VFDs Lines C, E, H, L and SD for pumps, fans, compressors, boiler equipment and elevators utilization. Triol AT24 Variable Frequency Drive is a multifunctional and flexible facility with a highly reliable design in use, contributing to reduced power consumption and increased durability of equipment for housing and public utilities.

Lines C, E, H and SD provide the user with the ability to make starts, stops, acceleration, deceleration and speed control of pumps, compressors, boiler systems and fans. Line L performs all of the functions above, but with the purpose of controlling elevator equipment. These lines provide acceleration and braking with the user’s pace. Triol AT24 VFD makes it possible to protect the motor from short-circuit and overload, and also to save the control configuration for it. With this technology solution, you can perform dynamic braking. It is possible to automatically control the technological processes in the housing and utilities service on the principle of a closed system with the built-in PID controller. It provides automatic restart of the BP after failures of the power supply network, as well as user-configurable special electric drive failures. It performs the operation of the AD according to a user-defined schedule in automatic or manual mode. Note that H and SD lines have a high degree of protection IP54, so they can be used in enterprises with an increased level of danger.

Triol AT24 Variable Frequency Drive is an excellent solution for energy efficiency in both the housing and utilities service and other industries. Check it out for yourself!

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