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Testing is a way to success


Triol Corporation is a leading manufacturer of equipment for the oil industry. In manufacturing, much effort has gone into engineering in quality by carefully optimizing the design and production methods. Using applicable industry related standards to measure the product’s properties and evaluate performance provides assurance of quality throughout the production process. However, a variety of manufacture and assembly faults often result in unacceptable noise and vibration levels in manufactured products.

There is still only one method that makes absolutely sure that every item coming off the production line fulfills expectations. That method is production line testing, where every unit produced gets checked as part of its production cycle. Product testing has multiple applications, from determining if the specifications are being met to troubleshooting various issues. Used as a proactive strategy, applicable product testing can avoid costly delays and rework down the line.

Therefore, all the submersible electric motors (SEM) and electrical submersible pump (ESP) Triol Corporation tests on our own test benches.
Acceptance, Acceptance, Qualification and Periodic tests are held.

Let’s take a closer look at the settings.

ESP test bench consists of a frame, a drive motor, water cooling system with two water tanks, remote control and PC. In general, it is an imitation of the well environment. Hydraulic and thermal loads are defined by the operator and correspond to the real conditions of the object on which the product will “serve faithfully.” Electric submersible pumps are on the stand the following steps:
• calibrated torque idling;
• removal of pressure and energy performance;
• running;
• drain water from the system;
• purge.

The tests last 15 to 50 minutes. Thanks to the software, developed by Triol Corporation, as a result we get an automatically generated report with only the necessary parameters.

The main part of the test stand SEM: bed, wardrobe, and a high-voltage low-voltage switching, Triol VSD AK06, filling system with oil and water cooling capacity, control panel.

On such a set stand we provide the following tests:
• verification of the oil voltage breakdown;
• verification of the design geometry;
• rinsing, draining and filling of motor oil;
• measuring torque rotation of the shaft, the insulation resistance of the stator windings in the cold and hot;
• experience in determining the index of polarization;
• conducting short-circuit experience;
• definition of motor acceleration voltage;
• definition of run-time SEM rotor;
• definition of efficiency, power factor and sliding;
• definition of maximum torque;
• test for heating;
and many more…

Production and production line testing must not only safeguard the company’s reputation, but verify conformance to standards and keep up with market demands.

Triol Test Line is a complete solution for the manufacturing plant to optimize yield and minimize cost with quality control based on noise and vibration measurements.

Are you sure in the quality of your equipment? Examine and test ESP and SEMs at the test stand benches of Triol Corporation!

Triol Corporation is a proven solution!

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