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Testing Dry-Type Transformers


Continuing a series of news about the dry-type transformers today is a high time to pay attention to the dry-type transformers testing. For confirming the specifications and performances, it has to go through numbers of testing procedures.

Here are 10 stages to give you a good service:

The first stage is to test the external examination of the core cylinder of glass-cloth, and copper wire. We check for completeness, labeling and full compliance with assembly drawings and wiring diagrams.

The second stage is to measure the insulation resistance of the DC coils. It is done in the cold transformer only.

The third stage is checking short-circuited turns in the winding. It is done before impregnation products windings.

The fourth stage is measurement of electrical resistance of insulation to the ground plane.

The fifth stage – the definition of local overheating of the windings in the field of soldering. Verification is successfully carried out if the places soldering temperature does not exceed the temperature of the surface of the adjacent welded tires at a distance of not more than 100 mm from the solder joints.

The sixth stage is dielectric strength test after it is baked in the lacquer.

The seventh stage is the thermostat operation checking.

The eighth stage is measurement of the deviation angle of phase shift and transformation ratio. This test is performed by Fluke or Rigol oscilloscope.

The ninth stage is measurement of the idle amperage of the transformer.

The tenth stage is measurement of short-circuit voltage.

The final stage for Triol transformers is long stress test. They are held as part of the medium frequency drive Triol AT27. Checking is considered successful if no overheating steel core and windings of more than 105 ° C to ambient temperature. All tests are conducted at ambient temperature +40 … -50 ° C.
All marks on the test results are recorded in the appropriate protocol and at the Customer’s request, transmitted together with the passport for product. In addition to that some transformer tests are also carried out at the consumer site before commissioning and also periodically in regular & emergency basis through out its service life.

All transformers, after having been tested and released for shipment, are properly packed at the factory for a safe transport in order to assure their perfect operation.

Triol Corporation – a full cycle of tests as a guarantee of continuous operation of your equipment!

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