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Team Work & Play: Triol Corporation Soccer Team Takes Premier Place in Local Challenge Cup


An avenue to success is mostly rocky and tough path available only for the most persistent and zealous adventurers, ready to face any challenges. For enterprises, this way is even harder, because in order to take leading positions it is necessary to gather dozens of such talented people, willing to work together as a team.

Triol Corporation highly appreciates and celebrates not only a high professionalism of its employees but also their unique gifts and commitment to winning. And, surely, there is a lot to be proud of! For instance, the football enthusiast team of “Triol” won first place in a local cup for amateur soccer in “Metallist 8 x 8” league on June 25, 2018.

The final fight of the athletes was full of dramatic moments and unexpected turns in the game. In such a manner, the “Triol” team was conceding to its opponents with a score of 5:2 for the first 36 minutes of the match, but after that our players succeeded in the following series of forcible attacks, due to which the players managed to reverse a course of the game and scored 4 goals prior to the end of the match. Thus, the final score was estimated in 6:5 in favor of the “Triol” team, which allowed our employees to win such a long-awaited victory according to results of playoffs.

In addition, another highly evaluated achievement was won in a course of this event. Yaroslav Kucherenko, who holds a position of a manual operator at one of the production departments of our Company, scored 11 goals within the championship in total and was fairly awarded a title of “Top Goal Scorer”. The team of “Triol” participates in this league for about 5 years in a row and has proved to be a worthy competitor at the amateur soccer battlefield. During this period, we proved our excellence many times and reached different medal places, but the “Triol” team won this top position in the overall standing for the first time ever. We congratulate our winners with the deserved prize and wish them new achievements in all their ventures coming ahead.

The soccer in our Company is one of the most favorite types of non-work activities. It always comes in advance of other sports such as basketball, volleyball, paddle tennis by a number of participants and a frequency of events. Twice a week, our employees gather to clash in friendly matches, and once in a calendar season, we hold an internal soccer cup within our Company. Those fights of soccer “gladiators” turn out truly earnest, and the outcome of matches appears to be spectacular. Although such encounters provide a portion of competition into our community, they also bring our employees closer and turn them into a real team comprising people of different professions and callings, who are always ready to step into the breach for each other. Such a personal victory as the first place in the city tournament for amateur soccer once again confirms the fact that the Triol Corporation team members reach their heights together not only at work but also beyond labor hours.

So, queering for new future victories, all that remains to be said is “Go Triol”!

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