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Submersible Equipment: Triol Downhole Measuring Systems


Triol TM01 series Downhole Measuring Systems are specially designed to collect and process data on the performance of the electric submersible motor and on the downhole conditions in the operation area. Thereby, telemetry systems protect ESM from overheating and mechanical damage, in the meantime optimizing operation of ESP.

Oil companies use high-precision DMS in order to control the processes of field development. DMS usage allows to receive the most accurate on-time information about the parameters of the wells and the reservoir, as well as to increase the profitability of oil production by improving the quality of the well hydrodynamic research.

Triol TM01 is designed to control the following current parameters:

– temperature of oil inside the ESM;

– temperature of the formation fluid;

– temperature of ESM winding overhang;

– ESM oil pressure;

– ESM vibrational acceleration along the X-, Y- and Z-axes;

– temperature at the pump discharge;

– pressure at the pump discharge;

– pump vibrational acceleration along the X-, Y- and Z-axes;

– insulation resistance inside the “Step-up transformer – Downhole cable – ESM” circuit.

Various types and features of the application at the oil production enterprises are listed below.

TM01 Surface Control Panel

The panel receives data from the TM01 submersible unit at sites with no SWB or VSD process controller. SCP protection level is either IP54 or Nema4, which allows its outdoors use. It can work both as a local and remote data reading controller. This functionality is implemented through the use of the iDrive system and an in-house manufactured MT01 wireless router.

TM01 High-Voltage Choke

The choke creates zero-midpoint, required for the Triol DMS operation.

DMS Triol TM01-09

The modification consists of the surface and submersible units. The surface unit provides stable connection to the submersible unit, reading of submersible unit parameters with further transmission of digital information to the upper level (to a SWB or VSD controller). The surface unit maintains a large list of exchange protocols between the upper and the lower levels.

TM01-09 Features

Base oil pressure400 at. (40.5 MPa)
Enclosure protection levelmin. IP68
Mounting diameter (ESM size group)95 mm (3.75”) and more
Submergence depth3 500 m (11 483 ft)
std. Diameter95 mm (3.75”)
Submersible unit diameter68 mm
Submersible unit length655 mm
Submersible unit weight22 kg

DMS Triol TM01-05 with the temperature and fluid pressure measurement at the pump discharge

Triol TM01-05 consists of the three units:

– Triol TM01-05 Surface unit;

– Triol TM01-051 Submersible unit;

– Triol TM01-052 Submersible unit.

TM01-05 is intended for registration and transmission to external devices of the current values of: ESP motor temperature, pressure at the pump intake, pressure and temperature at the pump discharge, the insulation resistance of the “Step-up transformer – Downhole cable – ESM” system and vibration in the bearing housing of the ESM lower support.

TM01-05 Features

Temperature on the pump dischargefrom 0 to +150 °C ± 1.5%
Pressure on the pump dischargefrom 0 to 400 at. (40.5 MPa) ± 0.5%
Vibration amplitude along the X, Y, Z axes0…30 m/s2 ± 5% (0…89.5 ft/s2)
Submergence depth3 500 m (11 483 ft)
Enclosure protection levelmin. IP68

DMS Triol TM01-06 with a thru shaft

Triol TM01-06 can be easily integrated in the tandem (dual pump) ESP installation between the ESM and the lower pump, and is capable of operating at a pressure of 400 at.

TM01-06 Features

ESM temperature0…200 °C (32…392 °F) ± 1.5%
Base oil temperature0…150 °C (32…302 °F) ± 1.5%
Vibration amplitude along the X, Y, Z axes0…30 m/s2 (98 ft/s2) ± 5%
Base oil pressurefrom 0 to 400 at. (40.5 MPa) ± 0.5%
Diameter117 mm
Submergence depth3 500 m (11 483 ft)
Enclosure protection levelmin. IP68
Submersible unit length853 mm
Submersible unit weight45 kg

Triol Corporation offers its partners and customers TM01 submersible telemetry system with additional modifications for operation in any conditions, even in complicated ones. Additional features include:

– Creation of an artificial midpoint in step-up transformer windings;

– DMS Surface Control Panel, which provides visual control of parameters;

– Remote monitoring and management capability.

Triol Downhole Measuring System is a new solution for efficient optimization of ESP operation.

Should you have any questions, please, contact our experts by following the link.

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