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Solar inverters as the best-in-class technology for energy saving


Today many manufacturers actively use the resources of the so-called alternative energy. This is due to the fact, that the world reserves, which serve as the energy sources (coal, oil, gas), are expensive and harmful to the environment. Moreover, these are the depleting resources, thus the amount of fossil fuels decreases from day to day. “Green” energy sources (sunlight, water, wind), in turn, have the advantage of ecological compatibility, economy, as well as they are practically unexpendable.

It is believed that the future of the Earth is the solar energy. It is the primary source for our planet. The reserves of such hydrocarbons, as oil, peat, coal, etc. are accumulated due to the sunlight.

About 10 billion tons of equivalent fuel is required to meet our energy needs. The amount of solar energy, supplied to Earth per year, is 100 trillion tons, which is 10 thousand times more than we need. At the same time, the reserves of the sun are very high: it can shine for about 5 billion years. This suggests that when using the energy of the sun the mankind would be able to resolve the problems of power generation for dozens of years ahead.

During the past ten years the solar power generation passed from the class of amateurs to the class of professionals and, if previously it was considered as a curiosity and an expensive toy, now the technologies allow to apply this type of energy in the fully functional power plants.

The solar components, as the energy source, can be applied in industry, agriculture, at solar power plants, in space branch, in autonomous systems of video surveillance and lighting, building etc. But as a human can not utilize the solar energy in its pure form, the special solar panels, producing electricity, have been manufactured. Let us talk in more detail about them, as this is the most common way of the sun energy conversion.

Solar panels as an energy source

The solar panel operating principle is based on the application of two silicon slabs, covered with such substances, as phosphorus and boron. When exposed to sunlight, the electric current appears on the boron plates, and free electrons are formed in the plate, covered with phosphorus. The missing particles arise in those plates that are covered with boron. Electrons begin to move under the influence of sunlight. Thus, an electric current is formed in solar batteries. The thin copper wires, which cover each panel, take the current from it and direct it by designation.

Solar inverter by Triol Corporation

Solar inverters are among the most important components in the solar batteries system. They perform the task of converting the direct current, which is produced by the solar components, to the alternating current of the required voltage.

One of the most optimal solutions for enterprises is the application of the complete system of electricity distribution and conversion Triol. The advantage of such a system is, that it allows to achieve the maximum economic effects at the enterprise by reducing energy consumption.

With the help of this inverter, the power from 2.5 to 10 MW can be gained.

All components of such a technical solution (control system, inverters, output transformer and switching equipment) can be installed in a block-box in the open air. The equipment can be operated at very high and very low temperature (+50 ~ -60С) due to the box design and the climate control system. It must be noted, that the block-box is capable of maintaining the internal temperature in the winter period in range of +10С, with the possibility of raising to +18C for the period of service.

The cooling system should be indicated separately: it has the isolated channel, the ambient air will not come to VFD, the system is protected from dust, snow, gnat and sand. Cooling system capacity is regulated depending on the ambient temperature and VFD load. It allows to avoid the additional air pumping through the block-box, thus reducing the filter clogging. The penetration of precipitation and condensate inside the block-box is eliminated by the effective drainage system.

It must be noted as well, that the block-box is equipped with the security and fire alarm systems. It has IP54 degree of protection. And it must be emphasized, that the maintenance and repair of equipment are performed easily due to the block-box special design.

Therefore, the application of Triol complete system of electricity distribution and conversion provides you with the effective and reliable technical solution to convert the solar radiation to the electrical energy.

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