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Smart Subway Solution made by Triol Corporation


Triol Corporation offers a unique solution to automate and manage the main ventilation system in underground based on Triol AT24 CFAS (Cabinet Fan Automation System).
Today’s subway and railway systems are more high-tech than ever. As these critical transportation systems continue to expand and modernize, new technologies — such as digitalization and automated processes — can mean faster service, safer travel, stronger security, and fewer unforeseen problems.

Each day huge numbers of people move around with the help of underground transport, depending on ventilation quality of tunnels and metro stations. The ventilation system does not only support the humidity, temperature, chemical composition of air, but also creates ventilation modes in an emergency, or cigarette smoke.

In Ukraine, a large number of subway stations are also equipped with old ventilation facilities without sufficient means of automation and control capabilities. Automation of the ventilation system allows:

– providing of the necessary parameters of air quality;
– improving system efficiency, accuracy and quality of measurements of operating parameters;
– maintaining a preset mode ventilation;
– energy savings,
– reducing of the human factor influence.

Triol Corporation has developed CFAS based on Triol AT24 frequency drive for controlling ventilation fan in underground. This fan is running in normal mode and in reverse. These modes allow the equipment to work efficiently on a daily basis, and even in emergency situations to ensure air supply for tunnels and smoke removal.
CFAS (Cabinet Fan Automation System) with frequency converter Triol AT24 provide:

– motor soft start;
– local and remote control via modbus protocol;
– engine speed regulation;
– motor reversal;
– fan motor braking ramp;
– control of blinds;
– engine protection;
– maintaining all ranges of operating frequencies of the motor nominal characteristics.

With our unique skills and deep expertise, your subway or railway can be outfitted with the best in automation management.

Triol Corporation helps to breathe freely under the ground!

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