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Smart solution for crane equipment


The key factor of competitive crane production is maximized production with minimized operational and capital expenditure. However, minimal expenditure must not jeopardize the reliability. The energy consumption of the crane system powered by electric motor is a large part of the lifetime cost. This means that energy saved on the operation has a big effect on both operational cost and the lifetime investment cost of the system.

In modern conditions the Crane equipment of increasingly high demands on performance, safety, reliability and energy efficiency. Triol AT24 Frequency Drive Line K (Crane) has been specifically designed to work with all types of lifting equipment:

  • Tower cranes
  • Bridge and gantry cranes
  • Gantry cranes
  • Special cranes
  • Winches and Hoists
  • Port tire cranes
  • Mine winch
  • Grab control

Triol AT24 Line K (Crane) operates in lifting, turning and moving that allows you to:

  • Increase crane productivity by improving the dynamic properties and reduce downtime;
  • Optimize the crane work in various modes due to stepless speed regulation, the movement of the crane mechanisms with the required speed, smooth running;
  • Improve the energy efficiency of the crane by reducing energy consumption, increase driving efficiency, eliminate the influence on the network;
  • Ensure the continuity of the process;
  • Prevent emergency situations and in a timely manner to carry out the technical maintenance of the crane;
  • Increase crane service life by reducing shock loads on mechanical parts and assemblies.

The specific VFD for crane application has excellent torque control, reliable brake control timing, speed monitoring, torque monitoring, power optimization, location processing, intelligent deceleration functions, and fully guarantee the safety of the crane, efficient and reliable. What else you get:

  • reliable brake control, to eliminate the phenomenon of slip hook;
  • large starting torque at low frequency;
  • smooth and reliable ascending and descending speed control;
  • multiple sets of motor parameters function;
  • stronger overload capability;
  • built-in power optimization features;
  • position processing functionality and intelligence deceleration function;
  • international standard bus communication and optimized communication format;
  • security perfect keyboard functions;
  • comprehensive monitoring and fault protection.

The challenge you face in planning a new crane system, or retrofitting an existing one, is that the system with lowest purchase price may not be the cheapest over the whole system lifetime. The up-time of the lifting system is one important factor that affects your system efficiency. Maintenance breaks can be expensive in both parts and labor as well as in lost production. The VFD can adjust the torque of the motor so that wear and tear of the system is reduced.

Variable Frequency Drives Save Money and Increase Productivity

A crane does not need full power running to its motor at all times. Without a VFD installed, your equipment is using the same amount of electricity no matter the size of the load or travel speed. Separate from pendant station enclosures, variable frequency drives control the amount of energy being used for an application so only the exact amount required is drawn, greatly reducing wasted electricity. The amount of money you save on energy costs with a VFD often pays for the unit in a matter of months. Your conductor bar system will benefit greatly from the right variable frequency drive.

Experience lower costs year after year with Triol Corporation.

Contact the variable frequency drive specialists at Triol Corporation to reduce your energy use.

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