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Robotics Expo 2017: Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.


Modern technologies are growing fast each year and Triol follows all the newest trends by participating and visiting different events and conferences.

And this November Triol visited “Robotics Expo 2017” – the international exhibition and conference of robotics and advanced technologies. Robotics Expo 2017 is the main platform for the leaders of industrial, service, educational robotics, with more than 40 robot manufacturers and various automated systems from Korea, India, China, France, Italy, Germany and other countries. Robotics Expo 2017 gathered more than four thousand guests.

The event was focused on the presentation of new industrial and service robots, advanced solutions for modernization, automation and productivity improvement.

Our leading experts in the development of the robot Triol PT01 – Pavel Trofimov and Larisa Makarenko – were inspired by the scale of quality and expertise after attending the event.

The advantage that was especially emphasized by Pavel after attending the event was that the exhibition turned out to be oriented not only to the business audience, people directly involved in the robotics market but also to end-users who are keen on modern technologies and robotics. Also, as a part of the exhibition, there was an open conference where more than 20 leading specialists in the field of robotics made really good points and shared their knowledge and experience.

“Robotics Expo 2017 grows exponentially every year, becoming an ideal meeting place for professionals to develop unique artificial intelligence and robotics. This is a vivid proof that robotics is a relevant sphere for business.

The event “Robotics Expo 2017” turned out to be really useful for Triol Corporation and, of course, we look forward to the exhibition next year.

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