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Results of the Webinar


Good tidings, Dear Сustomers, Colleagues and Guests!

As a client-oriented company, Triol Corporation is trying to meet informational demands of our clients. As a result, we made it a rule to hold different events such as webinars and we’re managing them very effectively.

On 30th of August, Triol Corporation hosted another successful webinar.

It was dedicated to the improvement of ESP performance and the unique automatic dispatching control system «Smart Well». Participants from the UAE, the USA, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, China, and many others found our theme interesting and joined us. Our leading specialist Oleg Kozak delivered the information in the most comprehensive way. The atmosphere was very warm and friendly. The interaction between the speaker and participants was very active that’s why there were many questions which were answered immediately and professionally. As it was promised each participant could get an individual advice and communication regarding the telemetry systems from Triol Corporation. The unique and innovative developments of downhole measuring systems were discussed as well.

We enjoyed helping you with all your questions. We are working to make your business more efficient. That’s our main goal! Stay in touch, more and more interesting events are waiting for you!

Triol Corporation – only high-quality solutions for your effective work!

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Results of the webinar


{:en} Good tidings, dear customers, colleagues and guests! As a client-oriented company, Triol Corporation is…

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