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PMM-technology on the US and world markets


PMM-technology is quite new to the world of oil industry. Having got used to application of induction (or asynchronous) motors for extraction, oil companies are now only beginning to have a taste of more recent PMM-technology. Though it has appeared on the market not a long time ago, its popularity grows daily as PMM is surely more efficient than induction one.
РММ to induction motor efficiency and power factor analysis

РММ to induction motor efficiency and power factor analysis

PMM-technology will be a hot topic at the coming SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, which will take place in Houston, Texas, in April. Triol Corporation will also take part in this event. We will introduce a piece of equipment, which is the best solution for any type of ESP system.

Triol AK06 variable speed drive runs all types of the motors, so customer can use this VSD for:

– Induction motor

– Cost-effective PMM

Triol Linear ESP system (to read more about it, click here)

Triol AK06 variable speed drive has the following distinctive features, which give its users competitive advantages:

– Induction motor, PMM and LESP motor control;

– Operation with high-speed PMM up to 700 Hz;

– Built-in or separate active harmonic filter;

– Two “catch on the fly modes”, a classic and effective Triol Corporation invention;

– Easy-to-operate with 480 V/ 60 Hz current (in NEMA4 and NEMA4Х VSD enclosures);

– Real-time plotting of VSD operation graphs;

– Updating (to cross-flash) VSD software by USB flash drive without stopping VSD;

– Increase in operation efficiency factor and energy efficiency of the whole extraction system.

AK06 VSD offers new opportunities for the customer:

– Warehouse optimization: if you have not decided yet what kind of motor to buy, you can still purchase AK06 VSD. Due to its versatile application, it is be suitable for any motor type by any manufacturer, while VSD’s by other companies allow for operation with motors of these particular producers.

– Making PMM truly cost-effective:

a) Overall cheaper price of the whole system;

b) 2 control algorithms for PMM;

c) Various power ranges, not having to pay for VSD surplus power.

Triol Corporation successfully conducted numerous pilot-scale tests and commissioned AK06 VSD’s all over the world. We received positive references from our partners from the US, as well as from Middle East, North Africa, Latin America, Asia-Pacific countries.

Find out more benefits of using PMM-technology with Triol AK06 at our website or contact us! To learn more details about Triol AK06 VSD, click here and meet us worldwide at SPE Conferences!

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