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PMM or Induction? Doesn’t matter anymore!


Today oilfield companies all around the world are searching for efficient solutions. There are several ways, but one of them, probably the most popular, is Variable Speed Drive for PM motor.

Permanent Magnet Motor in comparison with Induction has smaller dimensions, higher efficiency, lower heat generation and power consumption. PM motor designed on the basis of permanent magnets and controlled by changing the frequency of the electromagnetic field. The difference in power consumption reaches 30%.

There are several disadvantages: PMM is more expensive than Induction due to employment of permanent magnets and they have more complex control algorithm. But still, these facts are easily covered by essential low energy consumption, which reduces the costs of oil production.

It is common to believe that Variable Speed Drives are designed each for separate motors. But Triol is always trying to find more complete solutions and we’re not shrinking from difficulties on the way to design something special. And now we are producing universal VSDs capable of controlling all types of submersible motors.
As a result, there’s no more need for choosing VSDs with the reference to the motor type.

Don’t pay twice! Now it’s one VSD for both PMM and Induction motor!

Triol Corporation – simplify your oil production process!

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