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Our first priority is to maintain the standards of work. To help you take your first steps into the world of Triol, we are glad to announce AK01 demo case. Triol AK01 is a reliable, safe and cost effective solution for controlling submersible motors. Switchboard Triol AK01 is designed for controlling and protecting electric submersible pumping units for crude oil production equipped.

Here are few best tips on what you get of Triol demo case:

  • No need to buy either switchboard or direct starters immediately to train staff;
  • It is possible to train employees directly in the field using demo case;
  • Simple training for any new service man;
  • You can get your product of desire in a trial version;
  • Order the demo case with delivery to the place of negotiations;
  • Accidents are mined;
  • Ability to fully explore the interface of the switchboard;
  • The case is always ready-to-use.

Are you eager to try it? It is obvious you do.

This small and portable suitcase offers a unique opportunity to train and demonstrate full range AK 01 effective solutions.

All these can be achieved due to the list of functionality:

  • Motor switching on/off;
  • Current optimization after reaching a preset value of the motor frequency;
  • Manual control of motor speed from UMKA-03 controller and remote control from a dispatching point;
  • Automatic change of the output frequency according to a preset timing diagram;
  • Motor automatic starting after selectable delay when the supply voltage is applied;
  • Automatic maintaining of some process parameters (pressure, current) at their set points;
  • Measurement and indication of current parameters of submersible pump and VSD on the integrated liquid-crystal display;
  • Motor remote control, monitoring of motor parameters, uploading and downloading of protection settings through telemetering system (downhole measured equipment) via RS485 interface etc.

You are offered with the special advantage of not only being presented a product, but also you can see the demo case revealing its full effect on location demonstrating the functions.

Have we caught your interest? To find out more about AK01 demo case get in touch with Triol Corporation and get all the information you need!

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