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Our universal solution for managing multi-motor systems


Hi everyone!

Let me proceed with more details about our MultiDrive. Do You remember my last blog? – Please check it here.

Just want to remind You that MultiDrive (VFD Triol АТ24 Line M) is used in cases, where several drives have to operate as part of a single process as usual. Basically one drive control several motors in the same time. Single power supply in MultiDrive provides complete safety and implementation of all control functions.

Triol АТ24 MultiDrive provides:

  • support of algorithms for controlling multi-motor systems of rollers, conveyors, elevators, escalators etc;
  • support for analog sensors, RTC/РТС thermocouples;
  • application of one feeder and one common braking device with the rectifier;
  • space saving compare to separate VFDs;
  • reduced cable application;
  • reduction of the system power device number and increase of reliability;
  • С3 grade of electromagnetic compatibility;
  • built-in process parameter three-term controller;
  • convenient removable console.

Benefits compare to other types of drives:

  • flexibility,
  • space saving,
  • wide range of auxiliary equipment,
  • adaptive programming,
  • operating cost reduction.

VFD Triol АТ24 Multidrive — universal solution for managing multi-motor systems.

I will be waiting for more questions from You about this product. The only thing I should add is that all technical parameters could be customized specifically for each Customers. So we’re ready to provide unique product for You in accordance to Your request. Please check my blog about doing business with end users and customization of our products.

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Hope to see Your comments below. All the best!

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