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Optimized Energy Efficiency: Triol AK06 VSD with AHF for Oil Production


Development of electrical equipment in the field of oil production is one of the most promising areas of our company’s activities today. We’re actively manufacturing Artificial Lift Surface Equipment in order to solve the main “headache” of our Customers – equipment failure due to a network distorted by harmonics.

Triol VSD based on the active harmonic filter (AHF) with the use of a frequency-controlled drive operates with induction and PMM motors of ESP installation, ensuring a coherent and continuous process of oil production. This mechanism is used at sites that require high quality of the network, high power and reliability.

With the introduction of Triol AK06 VSD with AHF, the submersible equipment implemented at the facility is less worn out, since this VSD provides frequency starting and regulation of the electric centrifugal pump. Thus, the service life of submersible systems is extended, frequent maintenance is not required, and the need for repair is reduced.

It should be noted that VSD includes an active harmonic device that performs filtering of higher harmonics and compensates for the reactive power of electrical installations and distribution networks. AHF also measures instantaneous values of current, voltage, reactive power, power factors etc. At the same time, the device is reliably protected from short circuits and other troubles that occur on the network.

Speaking about the advantages of this VSD in general, we will point out that it differs favorably from other VSDs of high power, high reliability of the introductory chain and the presence of an extended functional of the work. However, these are not all the positive aspects of our product.

Triol AK06 VSD with AHF provides:

  1. Ability to reduce losses from higher harmonics and reactive currents;
  2. Use on remote objects that have long lines and are powered by generators;
  3. Work if the active filter compensating device fails;
  4. Reduction of electricity consumption due to ensuring its high quality;
  5. Frequency control of the motor.

Triol Corporation – optimized energy efficiency for oil production!

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