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Today there are more and more technological solutions for oil production being bring into use. Triol Corporation has developed a new variable speed drive with active harmonic filter (AHF). This VSD is for applications that combine high power, high reliability and the requirement for a high-quality network. Triol AK06 VSD with AHF(active harmonic filter) has a lot of peculiarities, which is the most explicit is the high reliability of the input circuit in combination with extensive functions of effective protection of the entire system from the harmonics of the “supply line – VSD – TMPN – electric submersible motor (ESM)” system.

Triol AK06 VSD with AHF has the functions of a frequency converter. This VSD helps to reduce THD current from 35-40 to less than 5%, ensuring compliance with the requirements of GOST 32144-2013. This high-tech solution can be used in a network with an unstable frequency (generator settings). In addition, what it’s more important, AK06 with AHF provides the possibility of parallel operation of several devices in the same network. This allows you to increase the compensation power by adding additional AHF cabinets.

Triol AK06 VSD with AHF has a power saving mode (monitoring of network quality, commissioning only if necessary). This Triol production solution has its own controller with the indication of current network and filter parameters. The user has the ability to maintain an event log and a network quality log. Also, VSD has the function of remote start and stop of the filter.

Considered VSD has a variety of advantages that allow the user to obtain maximum economic viability:

  1. it unloads power lines, provides the high quality of consumed energy (input current and CS voltage have total distortions of less than 5%);
  2. it keeps working at network failures to -50%;
  3. well-site processing of data obtained from different sensors (wellhead and submersible telemetry) due to algorithms implemented on the basis of the UMKA-03 controller;
  4. it has manual and automatic modes of operation;
  5. it prevents contamination of the network due to available active harmonic filter;
  6. it allows you to quickly put VSD into operation due to the built-in sine filter without its emplacement and installation, and also due to the power terminals design (it is possible to connect even a non-terminated cable);

it prevents electricity networks blackout and loss of production by reducing the network load.

This Variable speed drive Triol AK06 with AHF is a high-tech solution that promotes efficient oil production.

AK06 VSD Configurator


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