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New technologies in the stators production!


Triol Corporation has successfully launched the new production line for stators of electric submersible motors.

There are electric submersible motors in wide list of our equipment, distinctive feature of which is function ability at the most complex conditions (high temperatures and aggressive medium). Successful operation of this equipment is guaranteed by quality and reliability of component parts.

It is common knowledge that one in three cases of submersible asynchronous electric motor failure is overload or overheat. That’s why we have set a goal to reduce the failure probability for this reason at our stator manufacture.

Appliance of later stator manufacture technologies allows operation of electric submersible motors (ESMs) in different conditions. We can proudly announce about launching of modern production line for ESM stators manufacture. These electric submersible motors are installed at electric centrifugal pumps manufactured by Triol Corporation.

We have successfully put into service several production lines of:

  • stator blending;
  • stator winding;
  • stator compounding;
  • stator baking.

Stator manufacturing process includes all stages of its manufacture: from burden material production to final assembly. After this, final assembling is completed. Electric submersible motors are passed all possible tests at self-developed test station. All the tests are aimed to exclude possibility of equipment failure in the course of operation.

We offer electric submersible motors in two dimensions 103 and 117. Electric submersible motor construction as well as high quality of its components allow efficiently use these motor in equipment for the fluid uplifting from oil wells even in the harshest conditions.

Triol Corporation ─ oil production by verified equipment!

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