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New low voltage variable frequency drives TRIOL AT24 industrial application series


Triol Corporation introduces new advanced TRIOL AT24 LV variable frequency drives Lines 5,7,9


Triol Corporation has designed the new lines of variable frequency drives TRIOL AT24 industrial application series. This VFD series is developed to ensure maximum energy efficiency of the transporters, mills, compressors and other industrial machinery.

Industrial TRIOL AT24 VFD’s are available in power range from 5,5 to 400 kW and operate under 380V voltage. Every separate line has its own significant feature:

  • Line 5 is endowed with energy recuperation function when motor is operating in generator mode.
  • Line 7 is specified by enhanced reliability thanks to its vandal resistant enclosure
  • Line 9 can be defined by low level of harmonic distortions managed in the supply line

Industrial TRIOL АТ24 series with IP54 protection degree is performed in the robust metal enclosure. All the lines support industrial communication protocols Triol, Modbus, CanOpen, Profibus, Ethernet.

Modern safe construction of the drive ensures electromagnetic compatibility of C3 category. TRIOL AT24 frequency drives enable safe run of the equipment under harsh operating conditions.

High-performance TRIOL AT24 variable frequency drives Lines 5,7,9 make it possible to:

  • increase energy efficiency

Energy recuperation function implemented in the Line 5 enables the return of electric power which is dispersed onto the dynamic voltage resistors under operation of other drives back to supply line.

  • ensure long lifetime of the machinery

Special coating applied to printed circuit boards and structural elements guarantees minimum repairs and extended lifetime of the machinery even under harsh running conditions

  • improve automation systems running

Line 9 VFD’s assure automation systems stable running by means of harmonic distortions reduction in the supply line

TRIOL Corporation designs and manufactures multifunctional reliable electrical equipment for more than 20 years. Our prime objective is to offer up-to-date and efficient solutions for the most challenging industrial tasks of our customers.

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