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Motors and drives solutions, easier than ever to implement and adapt for variable speed applications with the highest levels of energy efficiency!


When Tesla first introduced the 3-phase alternating current (AC) induction motor in 1888, he knew that his invention was more efficient and reliable than Edison’s direct current (DC) motor. Even decades after the induction motor gained widespread use, changing the frequency for speed control remained an extremely difficult task — and the physical construction of the motor prevented manufacturers from creating motors with more than two speeds.

The most obvious feature of a VFD is speed control. This is usually done for process, operation, and economic benefits. One economic benefit comes from the reduction of maintenance when using a VFD, especially not having to deal with the DC motor carbon brushes or mechanical speed-control gearboxes (transmissions).

Triol Corporation solutions meet all environmental requirements while attempting to optimise productivity and satisfy the need for savings faced by most industries, regardless of the application.

Triol Corporation represents AT 27 for use in various industries, where regulation makes economic sense. To date, the drive Triol AT 27 VFD is made in three versions: the cabinet, the block-box and modular container box. A variety of variants makes it possible to adapt the device to any type of building and the production conditions. This will allow users to enjoy all the advantages of the drive, regardless of the conditions of production.

Triol AT27 VFD is designed to operate together, along with the global guarantee of a single point of contact, from technical specifications through installation and after-sales service to maintenance. This technical solution is to improve the efficiency of production equipment, it includes features such as:
• Modular design: simplified installation, commissioning and further maintenance of the device.
• The innovative control system.
• High reliability. The use of a redundant power supply system control and bypass power cells: the construction of the cooling system on a “stand-alone channel”, preventing dust, spray and midges in the electronics module. The system retains its functionality when the supply voltage dips to 30%
• Support for manual and automatic control.

Triol AT27 VFD, as well as all Triol products, is developed high-tech modern equipment, where only the best electronic components and proven technical solutions are implemented. Original design allows the user even more comfortable use and the best parties to evaluate a reliable technical solution.

Triol Corporation is glad to invite you to an industrial partnership!

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