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Artificial Lift Surface Equipment

Soft starter AK02 Series

Triol AK02 soft starters with NEMA 3/4/4X enclosure provides high-reliability, high-efficiency solution for controlling ESP’s in oilfields. Soft starters for DC motor Triol AK02 is designed for controlling and protecting electric submersible pumping units for crude oil production equipped with motors of ESM.

Motor soft starter functions include:

  • elimination avoiding jerk and stress on drive components;
  • limitation the inrush current and so improves stability of the power supply and reduces transient voltage drops that may affect other loads;
  • increase service life of the ESP;
  • ESP switching on/off in direct start mode (across-the-line start);
  • ESP rundown delay;
  • long-term ESP operation with nominal current less than SS nominal current;
  • local and remote operation mode control of SS;
  • ESP protection against short-circuit current and inadmissible overload;
  • feasibility of ESP operation from submersible device (transducer);
  • protection settings may be checked and changed from dispatching station by means of software through telemetry with RS-485;
  • information of the Soft starter door opening may be transferred to dispatching station through telemetry system et.

There are two modes of ESP operation:

  • Manual
  • Automatic