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LESP – the future for marginal wells: webinar results


Dear Customers, Colleagues, and Guests!

Triol continues to host international webinars and we’re excited to share our excellent results of the webinar which was held on 28th of March.

LESP has already become one of our hot topics to discuss at webinars. According to the technical features, and case studies, LESP system has no analogues on the market and it surely makes it one of the top-notch Triol products. There were oilfield leaders from Oman, Egypt, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador, Yemen, the UK, Canada, the USA, Germany, and France. All the oilfield businessmen gathered in Triol webinar. The speaker, Yaroslav Sydorov, Account Manager in Europe region, represented Triol innovative LESP in details based on tests we performed recently. Loads of questions started to overwhelm the atmosphere. And Yaroslav, as a high-qualified specialist had answers to all the questions.

We enjoyed Your energy and interest in Triol solutions and hope to make your business more efficient and prosperous together!

LESP – the future for marginal wells!

Follow the news and be ready for a new season of Triol webinars.
More information is coming soon!

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