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The frequency drive made by Triol Corporation is a profitable investment for the development of your company. Variable Frequency Drives Save Money and Increase Productivity.
Get Lower Costs with a VFD! Without a VFD installed, your equipment is using the same amount of electricity no matter the size of the load or travel speed. Variable frequency drives control the amount of energy being used for an application so only the exact amount required is drawn, greatly reducing wasted electricity. The amount of money you save on energy costs with a VFD often pays for the unit in a matter of months. Your system will benefit greatly from the right variable frequency drive. Low-voltage drive Triol AT24 provides quality control of pumps, fans, cranes, elevators and multi-motor systems.
But how to check the manufacturers` word, which states that their products are better than others?! Yes, everything is simple
Triol Corporation offers to take field tests (FT) for Triol AT24. What do we mean by the field tests? The FREE test of our equipment that lasts for 1 to 3 months at your enterprise.
The efficiency of the frequency drive Triol AT24 (basic configuration) is confirmed by our Customers. While testing the drive you may like to add a few more control algorithms, feel free to write us about it. And according to the received feedback, we will consider possible ways to finalize the product.

We propose to test Triol AT24 Line (pump, lift, crane, HVAC) 370 W to 1200 kW. The efficiency of the drive use for a variety of mechanisms is obvious:
• Reduced energy costs,
• Increased productivity-driven mechanisms,
• Optimized control processes,
• Emergency prevention,
• Process automation with minimal human involvement.

The selection process for each component may not be simple if you are not familiar with the equipment. Our team of experts can help you walk through this process and create drive that fit specifically to your applications.

The frequency converter Triol AT24 is an optimal combination of price and the maximum benefit during operation.

Experience lower costs and obvious advantages, year after year with Triol Corporation drive!

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