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Isn`t it madness? TM01 price is reduced!


Triol Corporation strives to be a best-in-class independent manufacturer company by applying
technical expertise and fact-based decision making responsibility for the long-term benefit, offering a wide range of services.
We are actively promoting the highest technical and safety standards facing the question of efficient technologies. We help our customers efficiently manage the operation of their remote assets in critical infrastructure and provide a complete offer of smart and integrated telemetry solutions and services
How to identify a suitable Triol downhole measurement system among all the available options? To make the right choice you should firstly find answers to the list of questions below:
1. The operating temperature and well pressure;
2. The state of the working environment;
3. List of measured parameters with standard deviation;
4. Submersible motor and pump dimensions.
What are the advantages you get:
• Flexible solution: individual equipment made by the customer, separate units are possible to be bought;
• Our development: a special sensor for measuring the pressure at the pump discharge that gives us increased reliability, advanced functional,
• Get high quality either product or service at a lower cost
• Work in harsh environments due to stainless steel
• Ability to work with different dimensions of the pump and motor
• Ability to work with 2 motors or motor and pump complex
• Easy access to the data while using complete set of Remote monitoring system Triol iDrive

Isn`t it madness? TM01 price is reduced! How did it happen?

The cost of the assembly and testing – a decline of 65%
The cost of coverage – a decline of 70%
The cost of construction materials – 47% reduction
The cost of manufacturing – a decline of 25%
Price set (design) – a decline of 75%
The cost of electronics units – a decline of 20%
Cost of equipment – a decline of 65%
Overhead – a decline of 30%

Triol Corporation has an innovative exploration and production staff with the capability and experience to operate safely and cost-effectively in diverse and challenging settings.

Make your products even more reliable with Triol technologies!

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