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Daria Getsman

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Is India ready for a bigger league?


Let`s talk about one of the most amazing places in the world. India should not do a thing to inspire, we are all deeply affected. We can enjoy watching its urban awakening: building inclusive cities, sustaining economic growth. India has a young and rapidly growing population thus urbanization is a reality staring in the face. According to a McKinsey Global Institute 2010 report, 590 million people will live in Indian cities by 2030, almost twice the population of the US today. An investment of $1.2 trillion will be required to meet the projected demand in these cities and about 700- 900 million sq. meters of land space needs to be built. Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are more pliable. The main problem is housing.

Shelter is the basic human requirement. Thus a huge and massive housing program should be implemented to let all people have some sort of housing and prevent them from staying in dilapidated, thatched, straw made, bamboo made, made of leaves & bamboos.

And so, as well, the assumption is quite obvious – the new fresh houses will be built and spring up like mushrooms, so, no wonder that with increasing urbanization and the load on the land in rural areas, the Indian government has duly realized the need for elevators. And so Triol Corporation can take a part in solving this issue. Triol AT24 is an optimal solution for every elevator. The main characteristics of this equipment are attractive design and interesting construction solutions:

  • high overload capacity – 220% during 1-2 sec., 150% during 60 sec;
  • close-loop speed or torque control;
  • open-loop speed or toques control;
  • unique algorithms for hoists control;
  • EMC filter C2 category allows to install the equipment in the electrical room close to the testing and automation facilities;
  • easy installation at the control cabinet;
  • support of the absolute and incremental encoders;
  • compatibility with the lift application VFD`s of the main manufactures;
  • measuring motor parameters at stand still (no shaft rotation);
  • integrated braking chopper.

This series is specially designed to provide safety and reliability of the lift mechanisms operation.

Triol Corporation is always ready for cooperation!

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