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Infographics: Triol AT24 VFD Line 4 – When the Size Matters!


We’d like to present our the most compact variable frequency drive Triol AT24, designed for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Today HVAC-systems create comfortable conditions for enterprises and organizations, thanks, among other things, to the wide functionality and new technical capabilities of frequency converters. In turn, this increases the requirements for electrical products, ensuring uninterrupted and efficient control of fans and pumps. And today we are pleased to offer the most compact Triol AT24 VFD line 4 for various HVAC systems to meet these challenges.

Triol AT24 VFD line 4 is a multifunctional and flexible solution developed for the control of ventilation systems, air conditioning and pumping equipment.

A distinctive feature of this VFD is compactness, high ergonomics and magnificent design that provides quick installation and easy maintenance. Small dimensions are successfully combined with a wide range of functions, including direct and reverse starting and stopping the electric motor at a set pace, the possibility to change and set the time separately for acceleration and braking, skipping resonant frequencies and others.

Triol AT24 VFD line 4 provides:

  1. Increase energy efficiency by minimizing electricity costs to 50%;
  2. Increase the service life of the equipment of your system, due to the reduction in the number of repairs;
  3. Reduction of the level of electromagnetic interference emission due to the built-in EMC filter.

You can find even more features of Triol AT24 VFD line 4 in the infographic below.

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