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How to ensure efficient operation of the lift equipment?


Construction of multistorey buildings and putting it into service are the usual practice for each city during the last years. Each new building is necessarily equipped by reliable lift systems. Qualitative and adjusted lift ensures the safety, comfortable and rapid movement between stores for all tenants.

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) are necessary part of lift stations. It is used for the qualitative control of motor speed, acceleration rate and braking. Motor speed is regulated by the alternative voltage frequency changing, which ensures variable frequency drive. VFD implementation allows controling electric motor operation with maximum comfort and high energy efficiency rate.

Variable frequency drives as part of lift system provide:

  • the optimum control performance of cabin motion speed;
  • the ability of direct drive winch usage;
  • lifetime extension for mechanical part of lift including mechanical brake shoes;
  • the ability to connect with common supply mains owing to inline electromagnetic compatibility filter;
  • high precision, vector and sensorless control under operating frequency 0,5Hz and on zero frequency;
  • the operation in 4 quadrants of motor mechanic characteristic.

The main goal of variable frequency drive operation is qualitative motor control. To achieve it you have to choose the VFD, which allows reducing technological expenses and upgrade the process taking into account operation conditions.

Triol Corporation recommends installing VFDs AT24 for lifts systems. Such version of VFD ensures:

  • speed and moment support in the wide rate of frequencies;
  • high overload capacity: 200% during 1-2 sec, 150% – 60 sec;
  • operation under low frequencies. It increases the adjustment range and makes process more agile;
  • adjustment characteristics of acceleration and breaking;
  • integration into lift systems of different producers;
  • operation under special control modes: inspection, evacuation, short storey, contactor and break control.

Triol Corporation recommends to choose the approved manufacturer of variable frequency drives. We guarantee the high quality of our products. Therefore we offer you to test jointly our VFD as a part of your lift system. And you will assure in the efficiency of our development!

Soft motion of lift equipment is absolutely possible with Triol!

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