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How to control several ESPs by one VSD?


Hi Everyone!

Today I’m going to tell You some news about new product from Triol. We called it MultiDrive for ESPs. I think the name speaks for itself. But if You did not get what is it, below You can find more information about this drive.

The main feature is that MultiDrive can run up to 5 ESPs at the same time. But first of all I would like to speak about its application. Initially we tried to find new solution specifically for off-shore platforms. Because when You have to put several drives there, with several transformers, add input filters to achieve targeted THD level, You need lots of space. Which is very limited on the platform. And it’s … very expensive. With one MultiDrive You will have 2,52 times space savings compare to five 18-pulses VSDs. You need only one step down transformer and one step up transformer.

Another advantage of MultiDrive is that it’s for outdoor use, NEMA4X protection level, completely enclosed. You don’t need to spend money for special cabinet to put the drive there.

What we have inside? Here is Rectifier (from 6 till 24 pulses – depends on Your requirements), one DC link, invertor cells with sine wave filter built in. Initially we designed the drive with water cooling system, so You can use external water for cooling. But as an option we can use force air cooling.

Does it sound great? I will not share more information here. I will be waiting for You questions to proceed with discussion. Please use our contact details or leave Your questions in comments – we’ll immediately reply to You.

Did You read my previous blogs? Here is my impressions after visiting Indonesia. You don’t know what we’re selling to China? – Please try this.

To get information about Triol solutions for oil industry please visit this page.

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