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How to choose variable frequency drive for electric motor?


Nowadays it is pretty simple to buy a variable frequency drive. Usually we do that using search system or contacting our reliable vendors. However we should keep in mind that the right choice of equipment is one of the key issues for any economic entity. Acquisition of most effective variable frequency drives is based on the following important criteria and characteristics.

  1. Power capacity of variable frequency drive. Your choice should be made taking into account motor power rating and overload capability. That’s why it’s necessary to know the type of operating equipment overloads (their magnitude, duration and frequency).
  2. Electrical mains voltage. Commonly we use low-voltage three-phase electrical mains (380 V). But sometimes electrical equipment needs voltage equals to 660 V, 690 V, 3 kV, 6 kV and 10 kV.
  3. Frequency control. Mostly any variable frequency drive can be installed on the motor, if the speed reduction equals up to 50% of nominal speed. But if you have to guarantee the reliable work of motor under zero frequency, then you need a special motor that could be used under the mentioned circumstances. It is important to note the method of motor cooling. In such cases the temperature protection of the motor is quite essential.
  4. Method of motor control. Working process could be controlled by both local and remote panels. Also data transfer through different protocols must be taken into consideration, because it allows to implement the automatic control system.
  5. Functionality. Variable frequency drive must have functionality, that allows to combine value for money and accomplishment of performance targets. Also it is quite important to know for what kind of equipment you need this variable frequency drive: standard equipment (pumps, funs) or special equipment (cranes, rollgangs, multiengine systems).
  6. Conception. Variable frequency drive structure must comply with operation conditions (aggressive, damp or dusty ambient etc).

Of course you could know the certain model of variable frequency drive and buy it on the Internet. But we strongly encourage you to consult with experts, who will help you to make the best choice.

Triol Corporation has a wide range of variable frequency drives. Each Customer could find needful model with respective power capacity and wide range of functional capabilities. We have variable frequency drives in basic configuration that are already available in our stock. Also we can produce equipment considering your individual requirements. Our experts will help you to select variable frequency drive, deliver, install and maintain it.

Triol Corporation ─ trusted advisor in choice of the equipment!

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