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Get ready, Triol Corporation announces the dry – type transformer 6 kV


We have already let the cat out of the bag, and now we would like to tell you more about our dry-type transformer 6 kV. Isn’t that exciting?

It`s structure features defined by dimensions and winding method. At capacity of 320 kW the length is up to 1390 mm and the height is 1000 mm. It contains six coils with 42 sections in each, and each section contains 13 to 36 turns. Such a nesting technology makes the electricity network of 6 kV much more qualitative.

The transformer consists of 3 main parts:
– coils,
– frames,
– terminal blocks.

It takes us two weeks to produce coils and frames because of bridge technology, when two units are being produced in parallel. Such a time-saving technology requires not just a single operation but the whole series of processes. The plates are being manufactured, the coils are being wound, soldered, impregnated and then dried, and the frame bases are being made simultaneously. We also apply unorthodox techniques of winding low voltage transformers to prevent probable breakdown at a voltage of 6 kV. Air works as natural insulator between each section that is precisely the key solution.

At the process of winding coils and transformer assembly every stage is carefully monitored. Low-quality product causes an extra noise, overheating and breakdowns, that explains the importance of even and tight winding, impregnation quality, reliable fastening elements and mounting, thus, such way of examining, controls any possible issues that may appear. This phase takes a week.

The final stage is to test the assembled transformer:
– testing at idling condition means product parameters checking,
– volume test means checking operation of the whole system.

But for being not a single component in complex electrical distribution systems a dry – type transformer is a key one. It ensures accelerating either decelerating of the electric voltage. If you do not have any, as you can see, it takes us just three weeks to produce one. We are glad to arm you with the most accurate information in order to make the proper transformer selection.

Make your products even more reliable with Triol technologies!

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