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Expert opinion: Trends and prospects of the global robotics market development


The area of robotics development is undergoing a major transformation. Robots receive significant coverage in the media. Analytical agencies called 2017 the year of virtual reality technologies. The trend also affected robotics. More actively discussed the possibility of complex machine control. The most interesting thesis was commented on by the leading expert of Triol Corporation, the Head of Robotics Development group Pavel Trofimov.

Robot – as a service

The research provides a forecast for the introduction of the robot-as-a-service business model that will allow customers to lease robots to fulfill their needs. According to the forecast by 2019, 30% of commercial proposals for the use of robots in the services sector will be promoted in the form of “robot-as-a-service”. In the view of Pavel Trofimov, this method of introducing robots through the service will reduce start-up costs and provide a more dynamic development of the industry on real-world tasks.

Director of Robotics

Similarly, according to the research, by 2019 the number of leading organizations that will introduce the position of director of robotics and outline the responsibilities associated with this specialization in their business will increase by 30%. “This thesis does not reflect the industry in which robots will be introduced. And since robots can improve performance in virtually every area of human activity, an interesting outlook for specific specializations of companies”.

Expertise scarcity

In the opinion of author of the work “IDC FutureScape: Forecasts for the robotics market for 2017” Jing Bing Zhang, by 2020 robotics will be used very actively, which will lead to a shortage of specialists. “Already, there are no experts in the field of HardWare and algorithms. The trend of specialists’ deficit will be manifested to a lesser degree in connection with the dynamic development of competences in the field of software development in the world”.

Cloud service

By 2020, 60% of the robotics market will account for systems using cloud software. According to Pavel Trofimov, cloud technologies will ensure the solution of complex problems and the processing of large amounts of information about the environment, the systematization of methods for solving problems and the accumulation of experience, which is very difficult to realize at the current stage of development of autonomous computers. Now these technologies are widely used for intelligent algorithms for recognizing the environment, intelligent agents and the use of neural networks for their learning.

Logistic robots

By 2019, robotics applications will expand, namely robots will be used in various industries, in housing and communal services and logistics. According to the research, 35% of the leading organizations resort to automate their businesses. “Development of the logistics-robots can be noted already, – says Pavel Trofimov. – Widely known robotized warehouses retail or wholesale trading companies, for example, Amazon. Logistic robots are also found in our country. Today robotic systems are being implemented in the pharmacy automation wholesale and retail sales and accounting for a large range of drugs”.

Triol Corporation has always been an innovator in the field of electrical engineering. And it’s not surprising that today we are actively developing the robotics market. At the moment, Triol Corporation experts create the unique robot system built in the likeness of a person; and whose main function is to help a person in various spheres of life.

Later Triol Corporation is planning to create a system that will be monitored in the apartment in the absence of the owners, to perform household tasks (cleaning and management of home appliances), teaching children through interactive programs. Also, robots will make the control of the elderly (remote measurement of temperature and pulse, the formation and adherence to the schedule for taking medication) and monitoring of pets.

Triol Corporation – innovation for the future!

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