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Electrical centrifugal pump from Triol Corporation – pulls out of deep


Triol Corporation represents new equipment for the oil production ─ electrical submersible pump (ESP) that is designed to drain and lift formation water from an oil-well to the surface.

There are two kinds of submersible pump: 5 (92 mm) and 5A (103 mm). The key performance figures of ESP are pumping rate from 25 up to 300 cubic meters per day and thrust of pump from 600 up to 3800 m. Triol Corporation gives the opportunity to select the most efficient pump for the majority wells basing on debit. ESP can be applied in oil-wells with temperature up to 150°С, concentration of abrasive particles up to 1000 mg/l and Mohs hardness number up to 7 points.

The special features of electrical submersible centrifugal pump of Triol Corporation are:

  • high level of wear resistance even in the basic configuration;
  • structure of pump accommodated to the process of additional layer heating;
  • reduced rate of shaft whipping;
  • possible configuration with bearing unit made of silicon carbide material;
  • split-type base for the simplification of repairing;
  • forced cooling of the bearings.

ESP isn’t scared of aggressive environment (high concentration of solid particles in formation water, excessive corrosion aggressiveness). Our know-how is corrosion-, heat- and wear-resistant metallized coating with exceptionally high hardness and plasticity. This coating allows to exclude spalling while deformation of equipment, which could happen during transportation or tripping process.

We offer the single stage and two stage pumps with the elongate hub for the packet or compression assemblage Packet and compression assemblage of ESP are produced using unique structure of bearing units manufactured by Triol Corporation. Packet assemblage allows to increase interrepair life of ESCP in the wells, where fluid involves solid particles, which cause heavy wear. Right choice of materials for pump stages (PCM, stainless steel, niresist cast iron) guarantees long service life of the equipment in difficult oil-well conditions.

Triol Corporation – effective lifting of your treasures!

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