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Controlling the energy of the Sun: Solution in the field of solar energy from Triol Corporation


Triol Corporation is expanding the boundaries in the field of innovation and introducing a new intelligent Triol Solar inverter with cloud connection for renewable energy sources.

Triol Solar is designed and implemented with the goal of generating ecologically clean solar electricity with its subsequent implementation into the common energy system according to the “green” tariff. This is a complete system for distributing and converting solar electricity in a typical block-box design.

Triol Solar is designed to convert the electrical energy received from a direct current source into an alternating current for transmission to an energy system with a frequency of 50 Hz and a voltage of 6 kV or 10 kV. As a voltage source solar cells are based on photovoltaic modules.


  1. Generation of active and reactive power;
  2. Search for the operating point of maximum power and work in this mode;
  3. Work in the “day/night” mode;
  4. Protection against isolation (anti-izolation);
  5. Maintenance of quality of the electric power according to the norms of electric power industry;
  6. Commercial electricity accounting;
  7. Ability to collect and process data from the system of Commercial electricity accounting;
  8. Availability of a fault diagnosis system, which promptly notifies about the occurrence of malfunctions, recording and storage of information about faults;
  9. Ensuring a low level of interference created when the product works, both on the input and on the output, which does not exceed 4.5%;
  • Operation in the open air, climatic modification Boreal climate;
  • Operation in a wide range of operating temperatures -45 ° C … + 45 ° C;
  • High level of efficiency of the inverter, not less than 98%, the efficiency of the transformer is not lower than 98%;
  • Availability of the function of recording work logs and a mechanism for analyzing emergencies;
  • Easy integration into the process control system;
  • Quick assembly of the product.

Triol Solar inverter includes the most advanced technical solutions and work algorithms. The design is optimized for labor costs for installation, commissioning and maintenance. This solution helps reduce power consumption. 

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