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Complete automated process of your oil production


Nowadays, there’s a high tendency of forced reduction in oil production process. The tendency exists due to the tightening of environmental standards, and special requirements for oil products. It surely motivates oil companies to focus on a continuous increase of their own efficiency both of management decisions and oil production directly.

Automation of technological processes is one of the most effective ways to increase the efficiency of oil production facilities that reduce production risks and optimize labor and equipment productivity. It provides ample opportunities to collect and analyze data for forecasting and correction of operating modes.

The greatest effect of equipment upgrade is achieved with a comprehensive approach when the elements of the system are produced by one company. In large-scale trials of components, we test our own products.

Triol focuses on maximizing the efficiency of customers’ business and offers integrated solutions for oil production and automating technological processes. Our product line allows equipping individual solutions with equipment suitable for any special needs: marine or desert production, difficult climatic conditions, outdoor operation.

Linear Electric Submersible Pump or LESP is an innovative solution for marginal wells. This solution significantly increases the profitability of unconventional oil wells and combines the most efficient oil production technologies.

The system consists of Downhole Sensor, Linear Submersible Motor, Electric Submersible Pump and Variable Speed Drive.

Submersible motor controlled by Variable Speed Drive Triol AK06 is a reliable intelligent equipment that allows to fully use the generator’s power and ensure minimum wear of oil production facilities. The solution is available in various modifications, depending on the operating conditions and customer needs.

Downhole Measuring System (DMS) Triol TM01 is designed for collecting and analyzing of oil production parameters such as temperature, pressure, the water formation fluid etc. DMS helps to optimize the operation of equipment, as well as minimize the risks of damage to submersible motors.

Altogether, LESP system forms one complete solution for marginal and deviated wells and totally automates the oil production process.

Triol Corporation – on the way to the maximum efficiency!

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