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Communications and Remote Management of Objects Based on Triol ITA Technology


The ability to combine the information field of the whole complex of equipment due to the use of only one software and hardware complex is possible now! Want to manage the equipment, maintain optimal parameters of its operation, eliminate the causes of possible failures without leaving home or office? There is a solution for you!

Triol Corporation has actualized an ideal universal solution for communication and remote object management – innovative technology Triol ITA.

ITA Triol technology is designed for remote monitoring and control, its purpose is to reduce maintenance costs by eliminating scheduled repair and maintenance to current. Products based on this technology allow to organically distribute technological and operational information between the automated control system (ACS TP) of the enterprise and the units that service the equipment. They are cross-platform applications with a web-interface. This means that Triol ITA can work on any computer virtually, tablet and even a smartphone connected to a computer network or the Internet by wired or wireless access. Therefore, the system works with existing equipment, without requiring the replacement of expensive components.

Triol ITA provides the following functions:

  1. Local automatization (burglar alarm control, fire alarm signalling, OIVK control, VFD control according to the specified algorithm);
  2. Inclusion in the ACS TP of the enterprise level (at the level of reconciliation of requests, preliminary data processing, intermediate storage of data, maintenance of the own archive);
  3. Remote workplace (operator, supervisor, engineer) providing control, management, receipt of warnings about the occurrence of a pre-emergence, emergency situation or the need for repair or maintenance work.

Technology Triol ITA is a modern set of relevant requirements for both data storage (in the event of loss of communication with the ACS TP, all data will be stored “on demand”), the delineation of rights, and access security. You get access to the equipment data at a time convenient for you from anywhere in the world, with only access to the Internet. Through the Web server, you analyze the current process and you can change the parameters of the equipment operation.

Automation of technological processes will ensure the control of individual tasks of the enterprise and unite them into a single system to reduce the costs of maintenance of the facility.

Triol Corporation – new opportunities and prospects for your equipment!

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