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CE marking for Surface Control Panel


Dear Readers!

As you probably know, our company has received the CE certificate for Surface Control Panel recently! It was a first experience of CE marking for measurement surface equipment. We did this procedure for Surface Control Panel, which is a part of our Downhole Measurement System TM01. For over 20 years of experience and successful sales on the markets of CIS Countries, Middle East, the USA and Asia, our company is finally on the European level!

After making the certification decision, we tensed up for a leap. Not knowing whether we were passing the test at the first time or was it alike the UL certification process. We consulted at least 5 certification companies and sent our quality engineer in order to know all the milestones and requirements. Therefore, we were ready from all sides.  Our efforts were not in vain. Little did we know, we passed the tests at the very first time and received a long-awaited certificate. Nailed it on the first take! While the process of certification, there were a couple of questions about the documentation, but the equipment showed good results and there were no issues with it.

Separate thanks can be said to the certifying company, everything was done smoothely and operatively with no extra efforts. Now we can sell downhole sensors on the European market! This is the greatest achievement for our company!

The next step will be the certification of our VFD AT24 series. So open the doors – Triol Corporation is coming to Europe!

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