PR and Marketing

Daria Getsman

Daria Getsman

Head of External Relations


Anton Shkolnyi

Anton Shkolnyi

Export Sales Team Leader

Anton Shkolnyi is an Export Sales Team Leaderoration for MENA region. He has a long track record in the field of engineering. In 2012, Anton held a position of a design engineer and a short time later, he headed the department of VSD development. It resulted in VSD line extension with NEMA / NEMA4X enclosures. His team developed and implemented an effective calculation cooling system of VSD. He joined Export Sales Department in 2014. He describes himself as a “sales guy” and you can understand why, as his main target is to sell equipment that Triol produces. Also, as the Export Sales Team Leader, Anton needs to control all business processes between Triol Corporation and its customers from MENA countries (such as agreement signing, equipment shipping, etc.). He is an expert on getting new purchase orders, and finding new projects and products. Anton Shkolnyi has acquired higher education in Aerospace engineering.





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